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Another gardening forum that I'm part of regularly holds mystery plant swaps, and I've never participated, because a lot of the plants I focus on are not of interest to your typical gardener: they're not showy enough, they're a little too "vigorous" (i.e. try to take over your garden *g*), etc. But then I thought, "Hey, I know a whole community of people who are interested in these same sorts of plants!"

Might there be interest in a mystery plant swap here? I know that trying to send live plant material over national borders is typically a bad idea, so we'd need to gauge interest separately for each country (can EU members ship plants to each other's countries without inspections or expensive certificates?). As far as I know, international shipping of seeds is permitted, though, so an international seed swap would be another possibility.

The way I've typically seen these swaps run is you pick a minimum number of plants to send, something like 3 or 5, and participants post a wish list and a DO NOT WANT list. If you have something on your swap partner's wish list, great, but any plant that's not on their "No" list or their state's Noxious Plant list is okay to send.

FYI, for folks who are new to permaculture, some of the plant categories of interest include: edible plants, nitrogen fixers, ground covers, plants that attract pollinators and other beneficial insects, medicinal herbs, and other such useful things.

So, what do you think? If you might be interested, post what country you're in, whether you'd be interested in a National Plant Swap, International Seed Swap, or both, and what you think the minimum number of plants/seeds should be. Spread the word, and we'll see what shapes up!
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