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[personal profile] ngakmafaery posting in [community profile] permaculture looks like we are going to be moving to a condo place, through various means and ways, and they have the standard anti-life position of 'no feeding wild animals, including birds, and only one hanging plant and that can only be up part of a year and no vine plants except up to three tomato plants under specific conditions, and everything has to be covered in the (poisonous, probably mafia-supplied) mulch' you guys have any links or resources about condo associations who made a graceful shift to 'victory gardens' or 'organic community gardens' or anything else, especially in the wake of lots of hurricane destruction? This place is in New Jersey, and there are a lot of these condo associations, many for seniors and many not, and I am just trying to find good support for condo associations that have made some sort of allowance for organic gardening, or gardening of food within some small private or larger community area, since it is terrible to me that the pollution and waste of space to grow good things goes on...circumstances dictate that we move there pretty much, so I want to make it better than when we get there...I already plan to use the garage for everything from a compost drum to maybe growing mushroom to drying clothes, but am unsure if all that will make weird excessive moisture or not work at different times of year or not...I have not even been to this place yet, but have read the rules, and they are tough. Thanks for any good ideas! I may crosspost this somewhat...

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Date: 2012-11-10 03:40 pm (UTC)
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Have you read Fresh Food From Small Spaces? At least that will give you some creative ideas for how to work within the stringent rules. I'll keep an eye out for the kind of community info you requested....


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